4 Exceptional Examples of Effective Web Design

Web design is one of the most important aspects of any business utilizing the web. Your website serves as a digital storefront for your product, service, or portfolio. Superb web designs are created each and every day.

Finding truly exceptional examples of effective web design takes hours of combing through the right channels. Thankfully we’ve combed through those channels for you.

Here are 4 examples of effective web design:

1. Flow by Ben Schade

2. Get Coupled by Tubik

3. Star Citizen fan design by Hoang Nguyen

4. Human Interface Design by Ben Schade

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SEO in 2019: Your Definitive Guide

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

It’s the ideal time to make plans for taking over the world, one SERP at a time.

If that sounds like your plan, this guide is what you need. A quick note: this guide is not about predictions, trends and educated guesses. It’s a real guide, a collection of SEO tactics that work wonders today and are bound to work even better tomorrow.

Let’s take a look at what will work in SEO in 2019.

1. RankBrain and user experience

2. Write in-depth, comprehensive content

3. Aim to rank your content in featured snippets

4. Be as mobile-friendly as possible

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A Look into the Future of IoT

IoT (The Internet of Things) has grown rapidly in the last 5 years and it is continuing to grow in intelligence. The global market value of IoT is expected to reach $7.1 trillion by 2020. This clearly suggests that nearly every industry will be strongly impacted by IoT in the near future.

IoT will have a significant impact in our day to day lives, not only in the way we do business, but also in that every device we interact with will be connected to IoT.

A world of massive possibilities lies in the future and we should be ready to accept IoT in all spheres of our life.

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10 Amazing Google Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

Google is a life-saver. No two ways about it. For professionals, Google has invaluable features including, but not in the least limited to, its search function, stocks, and its advertising clout. However, there is so much more it is capable of, that most of us are barely scratching the surface …

1. Type Using Your Voice (No more strained fingers)

2. Timer: Know When to Get Back After a Break

3. Calculator: Calculate on the Fly

4. Conversions: Convert on the Fly

5. Draw Perfect Pictures

6. Language Translation

7. Store Documents: No Fear of Disk Crash

8. Set Reminders for Special Days

9. Flow Chart

10. Mind-Maps: Impress Your Colleagues

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Video Marketing Strategies for All Budgets (and No Budgets)

Working with a small budget? Let these easy, low cost, or free video marketing strategies help you increase organic traffic and earn higher conversion rates now.

  • Use Live Videos on Social Media

  • Go the DIY Stock Video Route

  • Play Around with Drag-and-Drop Video Templates

  • Source College Students and Green Freelancers

  • Or Just Hire a Professional with Actual Experience

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Writing for Rankings: How to Create SEO Content that Ranks High

It’s hard to keep up with all the changes in the SEO world. Especially if you keep reading articles by gurus who claim that ‘this small trick will help you rank instantly.’

Save your money and your privacy, because it won’t. Don’t give them your email address to download something with this title. And, more importantly, don’t pay for quick fixes.

The harsh truth is that SEO doesn’t happen instantly. You have to keep at it for a while and you have to earn your rankings.

And yes, it all starts with writing the right kind of content.

Your content should answer questions people really ask.

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10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Business

In 2018, almost a third of all sites in the world are running WordPress. One of the main reasons why WordPress has become so popular in recent years is the presence of a huge range of plugins for any needs.

Ten must-have WordPress plugins:

1. Wordfence Security

2. Keyy Two Factor Authentication

3. WooCommerce

4. Yoast SEO

5. Broken Link Checker

6. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

7. Imagify Image Optimizer

8. NextGEN Gallery

9. Contact Form 7

10. Migrate Guru

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2018 is Changing Video Marketing -- Here’s How ...

A while back, Mark Zuckerberg spoke on a quarterly earnings call with investors and was bluntly clear: Facebook was going to become a ‘video first’ company. In those simple terms, Zuckerberg was outlining not just the strategy of his company but pointing the way forward for marketers and brands without distinction.

Fast forward to 2018, the social platform has already made (and is still making) some changes to adjust to what it perceives as the most important ‘megatrend’ around — video marketing. For anyone paying attention, Facebook’s move is hardly surprising. Video’s reign in the marketing landscape has been coming for a long time and this seems to be the year that it finally happened.

People love videos — what do we do with that?

From predictions talking of video making up 80% of all web traffic by 2019 to reports of billions of hours worth of video being watched every day, it’s safe to say that video is more than just a passing fad: it’s marketing’s most valuable tool today.

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What Small Businesses Should Know about Paid Social Media Advertising

Today, there are over three billion active social media users. This implies that about 40 percent of the world’s population is actively using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social platforms. The next implication is that your target audience is most likely among these users. And thus, to get their attention — and convert them into customers — it is imperative that you incorporate social media marketing into your small business strategies.

However, that can be easier said than done, especially if this is your maiden voyage in the realm of paid social media advertising. This article will discuss what paid social media advertising is, and why your small business needs it.

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Image SEO: How to Optimize Images (and Make the Most of Them for Search)

The online world is ever-increasingly visual. Improving technology continues to make the provision of slick and scalable imagery easier, and with so much competition for our attention, it isn’t an option you can afford to overlook if you have any hope of gathering a large audience online. Simple text will never have a comparable impact.

But when it comes to the matter of implementation, many individuals and companies alike can struggle. They don’t really know what kinds of image they should be using, how they should present, format and tag them, and what value (if any) they have for search.

That’s what we’re going to cover in this piece. How you can choose the right images for your needs, and how you can optimize them so they provide maximum value.

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Ways AI Contributes to Long-Term Customer Relationships

According to predictions, by the year 2020 artificial intelligence will manage 85% of customer interactions. Yes, AI has that much potential. And one of the principal ways business owners are looking to tap into this potential is through CRM applications. It’s ironic to think that non-human, artificial intelligence can help humans bridge the communication gap, but that’s where we are in this brave new world.

We’re already seeing evidence of the raw power this technology possesses. Forget mere customer service chatbots—advances in machine-learning mean AI can take over formerly white-collar business processes, everything from research and administrative tasks to the accumulation and organization of data.

That means we now exist in an advertising landscape where smart data discovery is providing insight into business data and statistics more than ever before. This in turn sharpens the blade of prescriptive analytics and provides us with more tools to glean market insights. With AI on the rise, many professionals in the insight sector are becoming rightfully nervous, wondering if there will even be a role for humans in this new AI-driven reality.

The good news is that not only will there be a role for human market researchers, AI can actually help them supercharge the insight and marketing process. Here are a few categories where we’re already seeing progress on this front … read more


6 Copywriting Mistakes that Kill Your Conversion Rate

Sales. Lead generation. Downloads.

When we talk about copywriting and its ROI, these are the metrics that we should be looking at. Unfortunately, they don’t always say what we want to hear.

So we divert our attention to vanity metrics like traffic and social shares.

But this doesn’t fix the issue at hand – why isn’t your page doing what it’s supposed to be doing? Why isn’t your page converting?

It’s one of the questions we get asked most frequently by our copywriting clients. And, quite often, one (or more) of these is the reason why you don’t get enough conversions:

1. You ‘we’d’ all over the page

2. You Speak about Features, not Benefits

3. You don’t know the stage of awareness your customer is in

4. You don’t explain why

5. You don’t have a clear goal

6. You DIY landing pages and you’re not a copywriter

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Your Guide to SEO Content in 2018 and Beyond

SEO never stops evolving.

Just when you think you have all the facts straight, you learn something you were missing in your strategy, or Google updates their algorithm again, or you realize you’ve been slightly behind the curve.

So far, in 2018 alone, there have already been 12 major Google algorithm updates — confirmed and unconfirmed — and that’s not counting the regular, small updates they do daily.

The year isn’t over, either.

Keeping up has to involve keeping your finger on the SEO pulse, reviewing your strategy regularly, and implementing new best-practices in smart ways.

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10 Lessons on Web Design You Can Learn From the Websites of Some of the Biggest Brands

One of the key elements of a great website is its design.

Top brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Shopify, Uber, Airbnb and Virgin all know the importance of great web design.

  • Create a website that is easily consumable (FreshBooks)

  • Consistent branding throughout the site (Apple)

  • Use Negative Space (Flat.io and Google)

  • Make your content relatable with human faces (PayPal)

  • The F-Layout (Los Angeles Times and Phototuts)

  • Use color and contrast (Neil Patel Digital)

  • Simplify your design (Dropbox)

  • Use a clear call-to-action (Shopify)

  • Use great product images (Nike)

  • Use social proofs

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7 Ways Google Trends can Shape Your Content and SEO Strategy

In the highly progressive field of SEO and content marketing, Google Trends is the name that most marketers swear by. In order to create valuable content and maintain the visibility of their website, Google Trends is an irreplaceable resource. The tool allows you to find out how your target keywords are being searched over a period of time.

Sadly, this incredible resource is often underutilized and mistaken to be just another keyword research tool. Even though there are many tools that can provide you with a bulk of exact match keywords, Google Trends isn’t just restricted to providing relevant search phrases. It offers you a visual, comprehensive idea of a keyword’s lifetime – its past, present, and possible future. So let’s delve a little deeper to find what else Google Trends can accomplish to make your SEO and content marketing strategies stand out.

1. Finding relevant topics that are trending

2. Conducting research on long-tail keywords for your content

3. Receive advanced insights on specific search options

4. Plan and create a publishing schedule

5. Implementing location-centric targeting

6. Do better keyword research

7. Adapt Google trends for visual content

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$0 Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Marketing your business when you’re on a tight budget can be difficult. You can’t go about splurging money on banners, Google Ads, and events if you’re not sure about the ROI they can offer you. But the problem is that, if you don’t market your business, then it’s likely that you don’t get any new customers at all. What do you do in this kind of a scenario?

What if I told you that there is a way for you to market your business effectively without spending all your money on it? In fact, what if there was a way to market your company on a $0 budget?

Well, there is, and that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this post. Note that even if these marketing techniques don’t require you to spend any money, some of them will be a little more time-consuming than others.

Now, without further ado, let’s talk about some marketing techniques that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Using social media and your network

2. Getting your business listed online

3. Content

4. Use email marketing

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The 10 Best New Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing represents incredible opportunities for businesses in 2018. When executed well, digital marketing can be instrumental in driving exponential business growth and helping businesses reach their goals and objectives.

On the flipside, truly excellent digital marketing can be complex, challenging and highly competitive.

This article looks at the best and latest tools to support you in a range of areas, from SEO to social media and analytics.

1. Google Analytics
2. CoSchedule
3. BuzzSumo
4. Ahrefs
5. Answer the Public
6. ClickFunnels
7. Constant Contact
8. Adwords Performance Grader
9. LikeAlyzer
10. Canva

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