A Guide to Using Long Tail Keywords for Scaling Your Blog Traffic

As a business, establishing a better line of communication with active users on the internet requires optimizing your online content so that your webpage/website ranks higher in search results. Search engine optimization can do wonders by attracting potential users and increasing your conversion rate.

Identifying keywords most relevant to your business draws more focused, committed, and desirous customers. If you’re new to keyword research, long tail keywords are a good place to start because they are a reliable resource for generating more organic traffic to your product, services or articles.

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Is Your Blog Content Worth Reading? The Ultimate Checklist for Blogging with Purpose

There are 500 million blogs in the world. Their owners add roughly two million posts every day.

Add news articles, social media posts and opinion pieces from media outlets that technically don’t qualify as blogs and you’ll understand why your content faces brutal competition.


1. Establish trust and authority

2. Be generous with your outbound links

3. Leverage the influence of other influencers

4. Add eye-catching images

5. Go in-depth

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Protecting Your Brand with Trademark Registration and Monitoring

As a business owner, there is probably nothing more important than protecting the brand name and trademark of your company. In order to do this, your trademark must be properly and legally registered with the United States Trademark and Patent Office.

This can be a daunting, frustrating and confusing undertaking and so is often best completed by an attorney qualified and experienced in this process. Read on to learn more about trademarks, trademark registration, and the importance of trademark monitoring.

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How to Create Long Form Content and Reap the Advantages

Does Google prefer long-form content?

The answer is a simple yes. But it’s not as easy as that; because there are several qualifications that Google considers before it decides this piece of content is worth seeing and worth bumping up the rankings.

Before we begin giving out tips, let’s all remember that Google doesn’t simply prefer long-form content just because it’s longer. You can have an article with 2,500 words and it’s still not good enough. What you should be looking to create is high-quality, relevant, and valuable long-form content.

Long-form content ranks higher, but it’s not necessarily always first.

So why should content marketers and writers dedicate time and effort to creating long-form content?

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The ABC’s of Email Marketing

There is not a single digital marketing mechanism as old and powerful as email newsletters. Marketers have created email campaigns for almost four decades and the number of users just keeps growing year after year. According to reports, almost four billion people use email worldwide.

Email marketing strategy can help you reach almost two-thirds of the global population, but it’s not the only benefit of email campaigns. On the contrary, digital mails are easy to administer, cost-effective, highly targeted, and measurable.

But if you really want to enjoy all the privileges of email marketing, you have to learn its basics. We are here to help you with that, so keep reading to learn the ABC’s of email marketing campaigns.

1. Grow Your Fan Base

2. Write Attractive Subject Lines

3. Mind the Copywriting

4. Segment and Personalize

5. Use Responsive Templates

6. Stay Consistent

7. Add a Call To Action (CTA)

8. Proofreading Is Mandatory

9. Allow Users to Unsubscribe

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How to Get the Best Out of eBook Publishing

Ever wondered how budding writers are sustaining themselves in today’s highly competitive environment? A majority of them are turning their books into products that appeal to a targeted section of society. The most successful ones are leveraging the power of Internet by turning their writings into ebooks and selling them as products on their sites. This not only boosts their earnings but also increases their chances of success as authors.

If you have a strong readership base for your blog, half of the work is done. You just need to monetize it by simply adding an e-commerce section. Once you add this, you are ready to start selling your ebooks and get the best out of it. Outsourcing ebook distribution services is a smart strategy if you don’t have a website to sell your ebooks. It will help you market your content all over the world, expanding your reader base and increasing your sales.

Still skeptical about selling your writings as ebooks?

Here are the primary reasons why you should use ebook publishing as a blog monetization strategy to be a successful author:

1. Monetize Your eBook to Attract More Attention

2. eBooks are Inexpensive and Reader-friendly

3. Generate Passive Income

4. More Business Opportunities

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Top Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing Solutions for Business

In 2019, the global market of cloud-related services is expected to grow by 17.5% over the previous year level (source: Statista). According to the same source, the cloud computing market has grown by 12-25% each year since 2011. The market is growing rapidly. It acquires millions of users yearly.

Let’s find out why these services have become so popular and why your company might need them. In this article, you will become familiar with the key types of cloud solutions, their advantages, and disadvantages. You will also get a short guide on how to start migrating to the cloud.

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How to Find Your Brand’s Social Media Tone

When we think about the word branding, the first thing that pops into our minds are the various logos and color schemes associated with different companies. There is a lot more that goes into creating a powerful brand. Finding the right tone for a brand is just as vital as a fancy logo and a cool theme. In fact, it might be more important because the voice is ultimately what communicates a brand’s values and goals. The best social media voices have it all — a powerful logo, unique goals, and a memorable tone.

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9 Website Design Trends for 2019

You wouldn’t still rock ‘80s style blue eyeliner, leg warmers, or parachute pants, so your website shouldn’t be sporting old trends either. Like fashion, website design trends are new and improving every year. If you’re not keeping up with the latest successful website designs, then your business isn’t seeing the success it could be. Whether you’re an expert graphic designer or not, the direction of your company relies on understanding basic design elements. This post will detail some of the latest trends you should consider, including brand-specific custom fonts, color transitions and gradients, and retro aesthetic.

1. Killer Graphics

2. Playful Visuals

3. Experimental Navigations

4. Brand-Specific Custom Fonts

5. Shattering Stereotypes

6. Lay It All Out in the Layout

7. Color Transitions and Gradients

8. Retro Aesthetic

9. Simplicity

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Can You Still Make Money Blogging in 2019?

A decade ago, a writer could set up a WordPress site, build an audience, and monetize it any number of ways.

But the web is not the same place it was in 2009. Attention and advertising dollars have moved from blogs to social media networks and YouTube. Instagram celebrities rack up follower counts in the millions and make thousands of dollars from endorsements. We watch more videos than we read articles. RSS is on life support, having been supplanted by Twitter. Does it even make sense to start a blog in 2019?

A blog is unlikely to route you to great riches, but that doesn’t mean that a blog can’t make money or that blogging is dead. In fact, it is very much alive.

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The Role of Social Media in Your Website SEO

Social media has become integral to the way we use the Internet. The important content is not only linked, but it is also shared, liked, tweeted and pinned. How people use the Internet has drastically changed, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed at the Googleplex. Many of the independent studies on Google’s ranking algorithm show a large correlation with high-ranking pages having strong social media activity.

While the official stance from Google is that they do not directly use social signals in their algorithm, the SEO community pretty much agrees it is certainly a factor in achieving rankings. Disagreements aside, I can tell from my own experience that websites with large social followings consistently get higher rankings in a shorter timeframe.

Not only can you use social media to build social activity to increase your overall SEO strength, but you can also use social media to regularly create backlinks that are free and easy to build. It also increases referral traffic back to your site and engages previous customers. As a rule, social media should be a part of every SEO project or even every marketing project.

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8 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest has 260+ million active monthly users. And while it may not be a social media giant like Facebook or Instagram, the visual bookmarking platform attracts a valuable demographic.

According to eMarketer, over 75 million people in the US are on Pinterest. And between 2017 and 2018, more new users signed up for Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter combined.

But what really makes Pinterest stand out is the way people use it: as a research tool. Pinterest users (pinners) tap into the visual search engine to evaluate options, find inspiration, and gather resources that will help them create better versions of themselves. Many will purchase products as a result.

In fact, 55% of the users on Pinterest look for products on the site, which is four times more than the other platforms.

If you’re a business owner and you don’t yet have a Pinterest strategy, then you’re losing your chances to scale your business further.

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7 Problems (with Solutions) to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online sellers are facing an abandonment crisis. According to a report from Barilliance, 78% of online shoppers leave a website without checking out, a number that has been increasing over the past five years. The rate is even higher on mobile devices, with nearly 85% of carts left abandoned, a figure that is truly shocking considering the fact that mobile consumerism is on the rise.

While there are certainly some valid reasons behind an abandoned cart, many online retailers are guilty of major e-commerce mistakes that are killing conversions.

Let’s discuss seven of the top reasons for abandonment, along with logical and effective solutions that can help to grow conversion rates.

1. Problem: Hidden Costs

2. Problem: “Cold Feet” Consumers

3. Problem: Site Forcing to Create an Account First

4. Problem: Out of Stock

5. Problem: Complicated Checkout Process

6. Problem: Unsatisfactory Return Policy

7. Problem: Security Concerns

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Top SEO Audit Tools for Better Website Analysis in 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important tool in increasing the visibility of a website. In order to achieve a better insight of the webpages, audits are conducted by SEO experts which can be a time consuming process, and one that requires the auditor to have a keen eye. Since going through hundreds of webpages is not an easy task, SEO audit tools are utilized in order to ease the task of auditing.

A variety of SEO audit tools are now available so auditors do not have to spend much time performing manual checks on every single webpage. However, an audit tool only gives a statistical figure of the website’s overall performance and traffic. A professional auditor or an auditing team is required to analyze the data and identify the exact problem in the system. Nevertheless, an audit tool simplifies the entire task for an auditor and shoots a figure that is system generated, as opposed to incorrect details accumulated with manual labor. That being said, here’s a list of some of the top SEO audit tools that are used by auditors worldwide …

  • Google Webmaster

  • SEO Site Checkup

  • Screaming Frog

  • SEMrush

  • Ahrefs

  • Woorank

  • Serpstat

  • Netpeak Spider

  • Found’s SEO Audit Tool

  • UpCity’s SEO Report Card

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Need to Rank Your Website Fast? Try These 4 Easy SEO Wins

As we all know, SEO can be time-consuming. It also takes a lot of effort to have your website rank on the top positions in SERPs.

However, there are a few things you can do to boost certain pages or blog posts that are important to you.

1. Get rid of bad/low-quality content

2. Improve existing content

3. Up your internal linking game

4. Up your external linking game

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How to Use Social Media Stories to Promote Your Business

Today’s marketplace is saturated with so many brands that getting your voice heard above all the noise is akin to completing a Herculean Labor. If that’s not bad enough, you also have just as many new businesses trying to make their own mark in the already cluttered environment we call the internet. Thankfully, social media is there to make things easier, even if it’s only a little. For example, when you want to make sure your audience knows about the sale you’re about to have, what do you do? You post about it on Facebook, Twitter, or one of the other social giants out there. What about when you’re releasing a brand new product? You guessed it, social media.

The point being that social media is there to bridge the gap between you and your audience so you can cultivate a relationship with them without having to worry too much about your competition. After all, they’re either following you or actively checking out what you have to offer, so you know for a fact that you already have their attention. Then again, if you’re posting on social media, so is your competition. What can you do then? What can you do to make sure that your posts, not your competition’s, are what they’re consuming and responding to? That’s where social media Stories come into play.

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How Users Search – The Basics of SEO and What Intent Means for Your Strategy

Do you remember the days when you had to go to the library to look for information? Or ask a friend or relative?

While both these options still exist, they are widely surpassed by internet searches. Sure, you may still call your mom to get her mouth-watering cookie recipe or get a friend’s recommendation for a hip burger bar.

But when you need to know something now or when your needs aren’t dictated by nostalgia, you simply search for it online.

Which brings us to some of the two most relevant (but sadly often overlooked) questions in the SEO game:

  • How do people search online?

  • What gets the most clicks?

Let’s answer them one at a time.

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